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This video went viral on China’s internet. HK looks like a battlefield tonight. Rioters attacked armored police vehicle with petrol bombs, causing it to catch fire.But police still exercise restraint. Police should be permitted to fire live rounds in this case to counter rioters. pic.twitter.com/dD9Qxl1AUf

— Hu Xijin 胡锡进 (@HuXijin_GT) November 17, 2019

Most Chinese feel the same. Just look at Chinese social media. This is the voice of Chinese public, not CPC’s. You had been a China correspondent, likely understand Chinese language. You actually know the attitude of the Chinese, you are deliberately misleading American public. https://t.co/ml0H5WQj4D

— Hu Xijin 胡锡进 (@HuXijin_GT) November 17, 2019





@吳樂天:隨著黨國越來越瘋狂 胡編大海掀翻小池塘





胡总编说对暴徒要格杀勿论,遭到纽约时报记者的批评。胡总编说他代表了多数中国人的想法。如果哪天有人说多数中国人认为对胡总编该格杀勿论,难道胡总编就乖乖接受这样的民意? pic.twitter.com/hsb2E88AWf

— 方舟子 (@fangshimin) November 18, 2019



@5emon_Ishikawa:That is *not* a video of rioters attacking police.It’s a video of police attacking students, and those students defending themselves. (不是暴徒袭击警察 而是警察袭击学生们 而学生们自我防卫)

@lokinhei:The 1st line of the Chinese National Anthem reads “Rise up, the people who don’t want to be slaves”.I see Hong Kong people actually doing that, and all the people in mainland China sings the song thousand times are so happy enslaved & laugh at those who rise up.How ironic.(中国国歌第一句是“起来不愿做奴隶的人们” 而香港人民正在践行此句 大陆人唱着这歌却嘲笑着“不愿被奴役的人” 真讽刺)

@judgarland:Everyone knows how China treat their people. I am not surprised by this kind of statement anymore, look what’s happening in XinJiang. Just to let you know Hongkongers will not surrender, ideas are bulletproof. (每个人都知道中国如何对待他们的人民。我不再对这种言辞感到惊讶,看看新疆发生了什么。只是让您知道香港人是不会投降的,思想是不惧子弹的。)


@apple50437605:CCP and you are the Rioters ! Thank you you mention that ! Rioters! (中共和你才是暴徒!)

@Phillip57267801:China needs to back out of Hong Kong and let them self rule. China is going to make a mess of HK like they do the rest of China. (中国需要退出香港,让他们自治。中国正使香港一团糟,就像中国的其他地方一样。)

@rstackjr:Good to see people fighting for their freedom from an oppressive government.(很高兴看到人们为抵抗政府压迫为自由而战)

@jrpaynellc:”Give me liberty, or give me death!” ~Patrick Henry in 1775 (不自由毋宁死)

@TiffanyHe14:This looks like the replay of 1989, when the government blamed the students’s violence so that they can start to kill the students. (这看起来像是1989年的重演,当时政府指责学生的暴力行为,以便他们可以开始屠杀学生。)

@Queenie48243956:Is massacre the only way to solve this difficult situation?(大屠杀是解决这一困境的唯一方法吗?)

@EchoRespeto:Hu should be tried in The Hague as a human rights abuser. Xi is Hitler and has engaged in ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses. Hu is his mouthpiece Himmler. The Hague is watching!(应在海牙以人权侵犯者的身份审判胡锡进。习近平是希特勒,从事种族清洗和侵犯人权行为。胡是他的喉舌海因里希·希姆莱。)

@JoePaperboy:Nothing goes viral unless approved. Only fools don’t understand that. This is “approved content” because it spreads the CCP message. Most mainlanders are blind to see that.(除非得到批准,否则任何“有害内容”都无法传播。这条消息是“已批准的内容”,因为它传播了对CCP有利的消息。大多数大陆人是看不到那些“有害内容”的。)

@VJ09812:This is the future of China Comrade. This is what happens when you create a single party police state and suppress your own population. Every dictatorship has learnt it the tough way, and CCP will also learn this hard lesson someday in the mainland as well.(这就是中国的未来。当你建立了一个一党专政的警察国家并压制自己的人民时,就会发生这种情况。每个独裁政权都会收获这一惨痛教训,中共也将有一天会学到。)

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