欧盟第三次尝试通过支持香港声明 再遭匈牙利阻挠 习与匈总理欧尔班通话时“高度赞赏匈方坚定对华友好”

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German patience with Hungary’s China-friendly stance snapped on Friday as Berlin publicly lambasted Budapest for the second time in less than a month for blocking an EU statement criticizing the human rights situation in Hong Kong.

EU foreign policy decisions are taken by unanimity, giving every country the right to veto decisions.

In a tweet, German State Secretary at the Foreign Ministry Miguel Berger pleaded with EU countries to undertake “a serious debate” on how to reform EU foreign policy to make it more efficient — and take away Hungary’s ability to derail such statements.

“Hungary again blocked an EU statement on Hong Kong,” Berger wrote, adding: “Three weeks ago it was on Middle East. Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) cannot work on the basis of a blocking policy. We need a serious debate on ways to manage dissent, including qualified majority voting.”

Berger’s suggestion of moving to qualified majority voting would mean that 15 out of 27 EU countries could approve decisions on behalf of the bloc as long as they represented 65 percent of the total EU population.

An EU diplomat said the Hungarian blockage happened Thursday during a Council working party discussion on the Hong Kong statement, which was supposed to express concern about China’s crackdown on democracy, human rights and media freedom in Hong Kong.

Hungary’s foreign ministry could not be reached for a comment.

Hungary twice vetoed EU moves to impose further measures in response to the worsening democratic situation in Hong Kong in recent months, triggering an angry public reaction from German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, who slammed the decision as “absolutely incomprehensible.”

Budapest has close economic and diplomatic ties with Beijing and is a member of China’s 16+1 business and investment initiative.

Hungary also blocked an EU statement on the Israel-Hamas conflict last month, forcing EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell to issue an informal call to end the violence on his own instead.

Leading German politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, have called for years for a reform of the EU’s foreign policy, including by potentially creating a European Security Council that could make foreign relations decisions based on input from a limited number of rotating countries.

However, Germany has so far failed to gather significant support for such a proposal.

Discussions on EU foreign policy decision-making are also expected to come up as part of the EU’s Conference on the Future of Europe — the bloc’s recently launched forum meant to engage EU citizens.

Thursday’s renewed failure of the EU to adopt a Hong Kong statement caused frustration among officials. Two diplomats said the statement had been considered “a very big compromise” in comparison to original plans for a more assertive EU position toward China.

“It’s bad for the EU’s reputation: we said we would do something but we couldn’t,” one diplomat said, noting the unfortunate symbolism of the blockage becoming public on June 4, a day considered “a symbol of human rights repression,” given the Tiananmen Square crackdown in China occurred on June 4, 1989. “This shows China, and other human rights violators, how easy it is to stop the EU from making decisions.”

An EU diplomat based in China spoke of a similar sentiment. “We are reaching a point akin to enough is enough,” he said. “It’s discouraging for us based here that Brussels is unable to move because of a member state, out of ulterior motives.”


CHINA has been accused of “trolling” the European Union following a call between Xi Jinping and Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

Mr Orban, a noted Eurosceptic, has been a thorn in Brussels’ side over the past few years. In 2015 he outraged EU leaders by refusing to take part in their migration plan during the refugee crisis.

The far-right leader has also been accused of being authoritarian and too friendly towards Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Mr Orban spoke to Xi on Thursday with the conversation focused on the coronavirus pandemic.

Hungary controversially began using Chinese and Russian Covid-19 vaccines despite not being approved by the European Medicines Agency.

In total Hungary has received over two million Chinese Sinopharm vaccines out of a total order of five million.

The country is suffering badly from coronavirus and last week had the highest coronavirus death rate in the world.

Following the phone call, China’s official EU mission tweeted: “China highly appreciates Hungary for its firm adherence to a friendly policy towards China, as well as significant contribution to advancing cooperation between China and CEECs [Central and Eastern Europe] and safeguarding the overall China-Europe relations.”

It confirmed the telephone discussion between Mr Orban and Xi had taken place.

In response policy expert Nicolas Veron, who works for the Bruegel think tank, accused China of taunting Brussels.

In response to the tweet, he commented: “How to troll the EU.”

Mr Orban wrote about the telephone conversation on his official Facebook page.

He said: “Phone call with the President of China.

“We are restarting diplomacy. Invitation from Beijing: accepted.”




品葱用户 抹茶姬 评论于 2021-06-05

还是大英帝国高瞻远瞩 当年就没有放弃自己货币 现在又成功脱离了EU

民主最大的难题恐怕就是设计正确有效的机制 EU这种多层民主的就是困难 一国说不就都不行的机制太容易被“干涉内政”了 实际上可能只是某个亲共党派偶然得势 整个EU的外交决策就瘫痪了

就算日后匈牙利同意了 共惨党只要收买希腊之类的穷国不就能继续绑架着三十多个国家一起舔共了?

品葱用户 **抹茶姬

								Attackontitan** 评论于 2021-06-06

>> 声明本身也是象征性的东西,橄榄华为才是正经事

话都不让说 难道还会让动手?

品葱用户 baokemeng 评论于 2021-06-05


品葱用户 Attackontitan 评论于 2021-06-06


品葱用户 **抹茶姬

								baokemeng** 评论于 2021-06-06

>> 欧盟联合决议把匈牙利踢出欧盟算了,让它自己跟中共玩去吧

支持 不过效果很可能很有限 他们这样的外交决策机制越想越有问题

假设30个国家各有2个较大党派 长期来说掌权几率均等 但是一个亲共一个反共  要全部统一起来反共那概率上不到一亿分之一的可能性啊 这还没考虑出现各国之间因为其它原因内讧而无脑互相阻扰的情况

我一个天朝人 也不是很了解欧洲 这么说可能太自大了点 但实在是有点怀疑这种机制还能持续多久 说不定认清形式了的大国能纷纷脱欧 或者改革这样的机制 早日结束这场闹剧 才是更好的出路

品葱用户 Xinyonghu 评论于 2021-06-05


品葱用户 **抹茶姬

								希腊神话** 评论于 2021-06-06

>> 所以中共蔑视民主他们觉得民主办事效率低下。我觉得少数服从多数吧。难道一个匈牙利就不办事了?

那只是中共宣传口的说辞罢了 民主这个问题太复杂 简单说下看法

1. 决策效率低不一定是坏事 深思熟虑 作出各方都满意的决策 反而可以在之后的行动中人心齐 效率高

2. 决策非常快不一定是好事 小熊这些年脑袋一拍就开始执行的昏招可不少 比如雄安新区

3. 民主机制的设计非常复杂 一个原因就是没法像自然科学那样做对照实验看效果 而且人类的交互很复杂 很多时候都会出现“多数服从少数” 比如8个人的宿舍 一个人说“我要睡觉了你们小声点” 其他7人就不得不戴上耳机追剧

品葱用户 linlin222 评论于 2021-06-05



品葱用户 **baokemeng

								抹茶姬** 评论于 2021-06-05

>> 支持 不过效果很可能很有限 他们这样的外交决策机制越想越有问题假设30个国家各有2个较大党派 …


品葱用户 **linlin222

								baokemeng** 评论于 2021-06-05

>> 确实说强权不好听,不过极致的效率,可不就是独裁,中国选择了极致的效率,确实到目前为止尝到了不少…



品葱用户 **希腊神话

								抹茶姬** 评论于 2021-06-06


品葱用户 cookiely 评论于 2021-06-06


品葱用户 **linlin222

								baokemeng** 评论于 2021-06-06

>> 其实欧洲国家从二战后不复当年那么辉煌,单独面对中俄这种国家确实显得体量有点小,他们价值观又相符…


品葱用户 **抹茶姬

								baokemeng** 评论于 2021-06-06

>> 其实欧洲国家从二战后不复当年那么辉煌,单独面对中俄这种国家确实显得体量有点小,他们价值观又相符…

也有道理 冷战之后的新形势下 欧洲各国确实没法完全信任灯塔国

求同存异 抱团取暖 至少在经济体量上能对抗别的大国 不会一个一个单独被割韭菜

但和中共这样的无赖对上线 也算另一个新形势下的新问题了

品葱用户 **baokemeng

								linlin222** 评论于 2021-06-06

>> 不是民主和强权,是公众意见和博弈效率。经济学家用博弈模型检验的结果是,两者平衡得最优的,是美国…


品葱用户 procks 评论于 2021-06-06


品葱用户 願榮光歸香港 评论于 2021-06-06



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